I can not buy rubies

If you are in need of more rubies to buy stars in Mojo Stars, the only authorised way to buy rubies is through the in-game shop which runs via iTunes and Google Play. If you can not buy rubies from the game, contact us via this link and we will do our best to solve your problem.

There are several third party websites that offer in-game currency for Mojo Stars, and many of these are safe to use. Some of these third parties may ask for your Game Center or Google+ log-in credentials. This means they will be able to access your game, and we can no longer guarantee the security of your account.

In case you've purchased rubies by other means than through the game, we cannot assist you anymore on this issue as your account is already in breach of our Terms of Service. We reserve the right to ban game accounts which have purchased rubies from third-party websites.


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